Friday, January 8, 2010


Honestly, I'm beginning to wonder if the 10% principle applies to the entire world. What I mean is, within the walls of a church or non-profit organization there are generally 10% of the people who do 100% of the work. Sometimes it feels that same way in the desire to change our community...

I have become adamant about bettering Phoenix and it's community since I moved down into the Garfield district last May. It is hard for me to completely describe the allure of this evolving, dusty monster, but it tugs at my very core. Perhaps I am driven by compassion, or I am like a child with a new Lego set, hellbent on what far lands that I could contrive. One way or another, I feel a calling to help make this community like a functional family. The details and work that entail are still vague to me, but it is on the to do list.

The more and more that I enter and become enthralled in the social media network (I am by no means a guru). I have noticed though, that for all of our constant "connections", many of us seem distant and are only acquainted with our "virtual" selves. We also seem to do a lot of talking about changing stuff, like downtown, but rarely any action. Not to say that I don't do my fair share of resting on my laurels, but I think we all need a physical kick in the butt to morph the messages of our virtual selves with our physical hands.

So, all of you who complain and moan about Phoenix not being a super city like Chicago or New York (not that we ever will be, but who knows), are you buying local? Are you going to shows? Are you investing in artists and bands? All of these elements are what can help make us better. Support the things you love about a place, and get dirt under your nails trying to fix the things you don't. We are all in this together, one way or another. After all, we do reside in a place named after a mythical creature of resurrection. Out of the ashes, we will rise.