Friday, June 12, 2009

Procrastination is my disease of choice

@jimgaffigan Occasionally i'll ask myself "What Jesus would do?" It seems he eats and naps a lot.

Ha. My world, of late, has been riddled with massive amounts of tweets and yelps. I am addicted to being in the know, but not necessarily doing anything about it. I suppose that is why I concur with Mr. Gaffigan's tweet (noted above).

Lately, despite my best efforts, I have been hugely popular. Not the high school kind, where you are a punk in a popped-up collar, but the kind where you are called on by lots of people to do lots of things. I'm enjoying it though. I think I am finding my groove. The funny thing is that, as I continue to find my niche and further learn where I'm supposed to go with life, the harder it is becoming to actually label my job description.

I'm finishing up designs for the unveiling of the greatest magazine never to hit news stands. We are looking at launching around July 4th, which is uber soon, but uber awesome as well. Lots of toil and trouble to go through before that date. The boys and I are hard at work. We will not disappoint. I promise.

Also, my role at the iglesia is ever-increasing. I love leading worship. It is a super awesome release for me. Plus, it is igniting the music bug within me. I am going to have to get out in some coffeehouses, and other rooms with musical love seeping out of the walls, and play some original stuff. Having a band would be crazy right now, but welcomed and so much fun.

In other news of the KBump variety, I have a pseudo-date this weekend. Don't get too excited. I'm bound to screw up. It is purely a matter of when. Conceivably though, it is good when the whole process starts with a text that states "I think you rock." Standby peeps. I will let you know how it goes. I'll just try not to be a clammy trainwreck per usual. Ha.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

about frigging time...

I suppose it is beyond me actually having started this blog. The peeps are blogspot have probably already chalked this blog up as "deadspace". Hey, that would be a good Marvel comic character. Let me write that down... Aiight.

Well, I am actually supposed to be working, but since I am virtually, and for all intents and purposes, fired, I don't give a crap. It is impossible to focus on something that is being taken away with no chance at a return.

Fortunately, I do have a super awesome project that Si, Dave and myself have been moderately diligent at pursuing. I am stoked about it. More deets to come someday... Perhaps when you are older.

Well, that is all I can ethically accomplish here at work. I will post a full thought perhaps this evening. Until then, sleep/work the sleep/work of princes (or princesses).