Thursday, November 1, 2012


I have a condition with my eyes which causes things that are at a distance to never fully come into focus. Internally, the rods and cones in my eyes have softened and left my vision at distances just a shade off. Because of this, it is easy to lose the definition of the horizon. When you lose sight of what you are striving for, you lose who you really are.

In everything that I do, I desire to be the best. I honestly believe that if your ambition only wants second place, then you might as well be last. Given the natural order of things, this is not possible. Anger, self-loathing, fear - they all lend themselves to be millstones around the necks of my goals. It does seem foolish to beat yourself up or listen to the voices of others who you might not even respect, but regardless of your resolve, everyone does to some extent.

So, focus. It is what defines us. Through the waves and breakers of life, the true tale of oneself is that fleeting moment where you decide whether or not to continue on course. Regardless of any anger that rages inside or what the voices around you are saying about you, you push forward. You narrow your eyes to focus on the muddied horizon. No matter what happens, never lose sight of who you are. At our truest core, no one will ever be able to truly define us. So, keep running the race for you. Not for anyone else. The only person that can stop the race to your dreams is you.

I needed to hear that.