Saturday, April 19, 2014


It is Saturday. Sunday is coming.

As frail as we all are, we tend to operate out of strength and purpose when we feel the safest. We get jobs that offer benefits, and vacation days. We get insurance to provide peace of mind from something bad happening. We operate with safety nets. We do not dare to dream beyond our bed sheets. It's not safe out there. You could fail.

What happened to us living in real strength? The type of strength and purpose that comes without a net. The type of lives that blaze new trails into the unknown.

Maybe you have allowed yourself to become complacent and you have settled. We all have. If we hadn't, this world would be vastly different. But, it's time for a change.

We need to live without safety nets. We need to dare to dream impossible things and then go live them. There is a great adventure out there that needs to be lived. You are worth more than your 401k. You are more precious than your bottom line bank account. You are more valuable than that person you're dating, or wish you were dating, thinks you are. Start living like it.

It is Saturday. Yesterday, the Creator of the universe stooped down to pay the ransom for our sins with His own Son's life, the ultimate sacrifice. On Sunday, He rose to prove that there is nothing on this earth that can separate us from His love, even our own doubt and unbelief.

So, it is Saturday. Sunday is coming. If your life is valuable enough for the God of all creation to rescue you, then shouldn't it be valuable enough for you to live it with a purpose?