Wednesday, August 10, 2011

taking the stage

This past Saturday night, I had the distinct privilege of being a guest monologist at The Torch Theatre. If you missed it for some reason, you definitely missed out. I had a great time, as I always do whenever I attend a Torch event. These are some of the best people in the Valley.

See, The Torch Theatre consists of some people who honestly care about this community. They are involved in helping this city grow to it's greatest potential. Phoenix, you are blessed to have them.

So, make sure that you don't take them lightly or forget about them. Support them. Go to a show regularly. Perhaps give them a hug. You have the opportunity to enrich your city by supporting people who care, and also people who can make you laugh so you forget that it is a million degrees outside.

Thanks to Jose Gonzalez, Nina Miller, Bill Binder, Mack Duncan and everyone else involved in The Torch Theatre. You guys make living in this valley an honor.

Here is the video of my 15 minutes in the limelight.