Wednesday, June 3, 2009

about frigging time...

I suppose it is beyond me actually having started this blog. The peeps are blogspot have probably already chalked this blog up as "deadspace". Hey, that would be a good Marvel comic character. Let me write that down... Aiight.

Well, I am actually supposed to be working, but since I am virtually, and for all intents and purposes, fired, I don't give a crap. It is impossible to focus on something that is being taken away with no chance at a return.

Fortunately, I do have a super awesome project that Si, Dave and myself have been moderately diligent at pursuing. I am stoked about it. More deets to come someday... Perhaps when you are older.

Well, that is all I can ethically accomplish here at work. I will post a full thought perhaps this evening. Until then, sleep/work the sleep/work of princes (or princesses).

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