Friday, February 10, 2012

only in dreams

A conversation that I overheard reminded me of how fragile dreams are.

Our poetic minds paint these transcendent landscapes of kingdoms and conquests that are all ours. We rise from our slumber renewed at the simple thought of something that we want, that we desire. Hope of a better future - of being someone better, beyond ourselves - has a way of making hurricanes of us all, as long as we believe it. Even the most complacent of souls will stand for something they hold dear. And having that hope means sacrifice.

This past fall, I left complacency. I left behind happiness and a place - both physically and mentally - that I could have stayed and been alright with. But, in this life, being "alright" should never be enough. Each fleeting breath is more precious than the last. And the moments that define us, those are the moments that are written in the silence between those fragile breaths and dreams.

Dare to be greater than you believe that you can. Do not be afraid of the grandeur of your own dreams, for those are merely images of the vast potential within our own souls.

I leave you with this, a personal driving phrase from the pen of Dylan Thomas,

"Do not go gentle into that good night".

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