Sunday, October 20, 2013

discerning the toxic

I've recently been searching and asking to have a truly discerning spirit. It's not easy. There are trappings and judgement calls all over the place that are deceptive. But, something that I've come to learn is that if it doesn't push you closer to God and, more than that, God's call on your life, it is toxic. This goes for relationships, jobs, friends, etc. 

Think for a moment, you may have that person in your life that makes you feel special and speaks awesome things into your life, but you have that project or talent that you lay down when they are around. And, when it comes down to it and you may know in your heart that they are not a part of that project or talent, it doesn't mean they are bad, it means they have to go. Harsh, I know.

God calls us to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness. Too often these days, as people become more and more uneasy being alone, we rush into relationships to mask our own insecurities. Then, we force them to work by trashing parts of us that offend or distract us from the other person. Why would you throw away your God-given talent or calling for someone else? That is the definition of a distraction. 

This is why a discerning spirit is needed. This life is littered with trappings of glittery things. I've come to realize that a simple question helps to discern these things in your life: does this make me the very best version of myself? No one can serve two masters (Matthew 6:24). 

So, I encourage you today to break of the trappings of a complacent and ill-fated life. Look at those around you. Do they honestly point you towards the calling in your life? Do they make you the best version of yourself? If you can answer those positively, then look at the other areas that may hold you back. Life is not meant to be easy. Life is meant to be lived unhindered and unbridled. Live all out, running the best race you can. You are not promised tomorrow, so make today count.

Do not go gentle.

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