Monday, December 9, 2013


Convinced of my deception, I've always been a fool. 
I fear this love reaction just like you said I would. 
A rose could never lie about the love it brings 
and I could never promise to e any of those things 

If I was not so weak 
If I was not so cold 
If I was not so scared of being broke and growing old 
I would be.................. 

Blessed are the shallow at the depth they'll never find 
seems to be some comfort in rooms I try to hide 
Exposed beyond the shadows, you take the cup from me 
Your dirt removes my blindness, Your pain becomes my peace 

If I was not so weak 
If I was not so cold 
If I was not so scared of being broke and growing old 
I would be..................frail.

Luke 12:34
Matthew 14:23-33
Proverbs 3:5-6
Psalm 9:10
John 15:13-17

Knowing who you are at the deepest and realest level requires letting go. It means accepting your faults. It means looking at yourself in a new light and laying those short-comings at the feet of the King. It means allowing Him to take full control of your life, a life lived without borders and restraints. It requires that which we are far too often ill-prepared to give up, our unwavering trust. Trust requires being frail.

I have often been unwilling to trust fully. I cling to things when I shouldn't. I make it about me and refuse to change, grasping at the things that I think I can control and working feverishly to make them do my bidding. Nothing of value is ever built that way.

Place yourself at the beach right now. You are standing with your toes just being nipped by the last push of each wave, as it crashes onto the shoreline. The breeze whips through your hair, and you close your eyes knowing that you are alive. In that serene place, where there are no stress levels and no driving frustrations, in that still small place where we can close our eyes and focus on just breathing and the wisps of freedom - that is where we belong, that is where we are to live. In our world though, we close our eyes and immediately we begin to fear and worry - the threat of rising tides or dangers lurking underneath the depths, waiting to devour us. That is not trust.

The book of Matthew tells of a time after Jesus miraculously fed the 5,000 with 5 loaves of bread and two fish, when he went up on a hill by himself to pray. The disciples were out on a boat in the lake (or sea, depending on your translation). When they were out there, He came out to them, walking on the water. At first they are afraid, but He speaks softly and tells them it is Him. Peter jumps up and asks to come out to Him. "Come", He responds. Peter climbs out and feels his way along the water, at first keeping his sight on Jesus. But, then the waves and the wind take his focus away and he realizes the perils that surround him. So, he begins to sink. Jesus reaches out and pulls him back up.

We are living in the hands of the Creator. Too often we doubt or worry because others doubt or worry. We allow ourselves to be projected into these fruitless things. When you are not trusting, you are allowing everything else to speak their "truths" into your life instead of the truth-filled, small voice of the Only One who can help you. He speaks peace. He speaks love. His words are Truth.

So, when the waters rise, keep your eyes closed, keep you heart focused, remember who you belong to. There is no wave he can not part, there is no danger that He can not overcome. Our finances, our dreams, our worries, our hearts, our plans - we have to give them all to Him. Hand over your schedule and let Him rewrite it. He is writing the story of our lives every day. And the story He is breathing into us rests with our hearts at peace wading into the deeper waters, walking out on the oceans as none can believe possible. This is how seas are parted, how nations are restored, how kings are healed, how love is born - out of the truth of full trust in a Savior, who was also our Creator, and who saw no other way to give us peace than to take the fall for our failures himself.

There is no greater love than that. 

The very simple fact that in order to overcome our difficulties, we surrender. For we all surrender to something, make sure your heart bows to what is already victorious. He has already won.

Thank you Father for shaping me everyday. I fail all the time. This lesson is one that You are speaking into my spirit everyday. I'm not worthy of anything, yet you allow me to find peace, you call me again and again back to you. May I trust your guidance in all things. May control be only mentioned in the same breath as you. I lay all of me at your feet.

Listen to the song below. The words are just above. Close your eyes and pray. There is power in just the simple word - frail. It speaks of trust, of surrender, of the journey ahead. Be blessed.


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