Sunday, December 29, 2013

the wallflower

I have spent my life as a wallflower. In most social situations, I sit quietly watching the world around me pass, for many reasons. But it wasn't until recently I realized that was because I did not really value myself.

There is something quite beautiful about loving and valuing yourself. I'm not talking about a pompous attitude. No. Trust me, no one likes the pompous attitude. But being overly humble, to the point that you quiet your own voice, isn't exactly going to win you the mantle of Most Likely to Succeed. We value affirmation, but that praise has to begin within us. We have to believe we have worth in order to receive it.

Being a wallflower can be just fine in some scenarios, but it's not meant for us to live our lives entirely that way. We have to love ourselves enough to show the world what we can do. You will only find what you are capable of when you step out from the shadows and be what you were meant to be. Until you love yourself, you will never be ready or able to receive love.

This is a lesson that I'm personally learning every day. I pray you find your love, worth and value as well. And let's enjoy the journey.

Love yourself. You are worthy. Your life has purpose. And it all starts with you.

Do not go gentle.

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cammie alkire said...

Beautiful:) the funny thing is, sometimes you think your being a wallflower meanwhile you become a safe harbor for friends to land. A quiet place where they know they will be accepted and safe. I always saw you like that:)