Tuesday, December 10, 2013

the weight of words

Never underestimate the power of words. The little things spoken or written. Every phrase uttered into existence carries some weight to it. The harshest of words have the power to destroy and contaminate. The most uplifting words can build and create.

In my ever-shortening lifetime, I have seen the power of words create and destroy in my own life. I've seen people that I sincerely loved tear down everything around us with a careless word. I've hurt and broken with brash decisions and ill-timed words. All of that happens because we don't understand that words have value, even the ones unspoken. I'm learning that others are listening more than they lead on. Love resonates and heals even the darkest of hate.

Think on your words.

It is true that those closest to us will hurt us the most. They know us better than anyone else. We speak to them the most. Inevitably, the fragility of the human spirit relents to the chaos that surrounds us.

We don't intend to hurt, but our anger or hurt brims the cup of our life and we lash out. We hurt. When we hurt, our reactionary nature is to hurt back.

Our voice is far more powerful than we will understand. So, shouldn't we use our energy towards building something in this ever-crumbling world? Shouldn't we be more concerned with creating instead of destroying? Life is filled with fleeting moments that the hands of men will never be able to harness. And because of this we, whose very beings are wrapped in the frailty of life's grasp, should desire to uplift each other.

Let us unify instead of divide. Let us build instead of destroy. Love and truth are born in the small words, in the small things of life. What you speak constantly over your life, you ultimately live every day.

Do not go gentle.

Proverbs 10:31
1 Peter 2:15
Isaiah 6:1-8
Luke 12:34

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